tek kademeli kısma donanımı

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tek kademeli kısma donanımı
single reduction gear
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Phonetic: "/ˈsɪŋɡəl/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: A 45 RPM vinyl record with one song on side A and one on side B.

Definition: A popular song released and sold (on any format) nominally on its own though usually having at least one extra track.

Example: The Offspring released four singles from their most recent album.

Definition: One who is not married or does not have a romantic partner.

Example: He went to the party, hoping to meet some friendly singles there.

Definition: A score of one run.

Definition: A hit in baseball where the batter advances to first base.

Definition: A tile that has a different value (i.e. number of pips) at each end.

Definition: A bill valued at $1.

Example: I don't have any singles, so you'll have to make change.

Definition: A one-way ticket.

Definition: A score of one point, awarded when a kicked ball is dead within the non-kicking team's end zone or has exited that end zone. Officially known in the rules as a rouge.

Definition: (chiefly in the plural) A game with one player on each side, as in tennis.

Definition: One of the reeled filaments of silk, twisted without doubling to give them firmness.

Definition: A handful of gleaned grain.

Definition: A floating-point number having half the precision of a double-precision value.

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Phonetic: "/ˈsɪŋɡəl/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To identify or select one member of a group from the others; generally used with out, either to single out or to single (something) out.

Example: Eddie singled out his favorite marble from the bag.

Definition: To get a hit that advances the batter exactly one base.

Example: Pedro singled in the bottom of the eighth inning, which, if converted to a run, would put the team back into contention.

Definition: To thin out.

Definition: (of a horse) To take the irregular gait called singlefoot.

Definition: To sequester; to withdraw; to retire.

Definition: To take alone, or one by one.

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Phonetic: "/ˈsɪŋɡəl/"

Part Of Speech: adjective

Definition: Not accompanied by anything else; one in number.

Example: Can you give me a single reason not to leave right now?

Definition: Not divided in parts.

Example: The potatoes left the spoon and landed in a single big lump on the plate.

Definition: Designed for the use of only one.

Example: a single room

Definition: Performed by one person, or one on each side.

Example: a single combat

Definition: Not married or (in modern times) not involved in a romantic relationship without being married or not dating anyone exclusively.

Example: Forms often ask if a person is single, married, divorced or widowed. In this context, a person who is dating someone but who has never married puts "single".

Definition: Having only one rank or row of petals.

Definition: Simple and honest; sincere, without deceit.

Definition: Uncompounded; pure; unmixed.

Definition: Simple; foolish; weak; silly.

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Phonetic: "/ɹiˈdɑk.ʃən/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: The act, process, or result of reducing.

Definition: The amount or rate by which something is reduced, e.g. in price.

Example: A 5% reduction in robberies

Definition: A reaction in which electrons are gained and valence is reduced; often by the removal of oxygen or the addition of hydrogen.

Definition: The process of rapidly boiling a sauce to concentrate it.

Definition: The rewriting of an expression into a simpler form.

Definition: (computability theory) a transformation of one problem into another problem, such as mapping reduction or polynomial reduction.

Definition: An arrangement for a far smaller number of parties, e.g. a keyboard solo based on a full opera.

Definition: (phenomenology) A philosophical procedure intended to reveal the objects of consciousness as pure phenomena. (See phenomenological reduction.)

Definition: A medical procedure to restore a fracture or dislocation to the correct alignment.

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Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: Equipment or paraphernalia, especially that used for an athletic endeavor.

Definition: Clothing; garments.

Definition: Goods; property; household items.

Definition: A wheel with grooves (teeth) engraved on the outer circumference, such that two such devices can interlock and convey motion from one to the other; a gear wheel.

Definition: A particular combination or choice of interlocking gears, such that a particular gear ratio is achieved.

Definition: A configuration of the transmission of a motor car so as to achieve a particular ratio of engine to axle torque.

Definition: Recreational drugs, including steroids.

Definition: Stuff.

Definition: Business matters; affairs; concern.

Definition: Anything worthless; nonsense; rubbish.

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Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To provide with gearing; to fit with gears in order to achieve a desired gear ratio.

Definition: To be in, or come into, gear.

Definition: To dress; to put gear on; to harness.

Definition: (usually with to or toward(s)) To design or devise (something) so as to be suitable (for a particular type of person or a particular purpose).

Example: They have geared the hotel mainly at tourists.

Definition: To borrow money in order to invest it in assets.

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Part Of Speech: adjective

Definition: Great or fantastic

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